Finding Swimsuit Serenity

We are summer people. My husband is an avid surfer and I am his beach bunny. My husband knew how to swim before he could even walk. When we found out Mason’s due date we were excited because that would mean that Mason would be getting to the age he could splash around in the water with us and introduce him the beach lifestyle.

One of the first things I did this summer was go out and buy Mason a cute little lobster swimming trunks and all the beach/pool baby paraphernalia I could get my hands on. The next step was a bit trickier. What in God’s name was I going to wear? I seriously have about 15 bathing suits in my closet stuffed into an old suitcase. I think all but one are two pieces. I tried them on eagerly at the start of the summer and one word came to mind….WHOMP WHOMP. I am nearly down to my pre-baby weight but when I had tried on those little bikinis it looked like a sad rendition of a Picasso-like version of what things used to be. Most of my baby weight is gone but things weren’t were they used to be. Everything looks just a little sad to put it mildly.

So my bathing suit shopping game plan was to go to the largest department store in our area and scour the racks. Since we are currently living in western KY my bathing suit selection is limited but I thought Dilliard’s might be the best place to start. I pinterested and online browsed various stores ahead of time but had a hard time balancing being a mom but also not wanting to be a frump poolside. Was I going to have to prepare myself to wearing the skirted bottom, floral printed, tankini wearing mom suit? Bathing suit shopping pre-baby was bad enough I didn’t know if a compromise was even possible.

So Mason and I arrived at Dilliard’s at the optimal time between his last feeding and morning nap so I could have maximum time in bathing suit hell. The sales lady was awesome and helped me pick up seriously 40 different bathing suits. I had monokinis, one pieces, two pieces, tankinis you name it. I had bathing suits draped all over Mason’s stroller as I mentally prepared myself for the actual trying on of the dreaded swimsuits.

The actual trying on process was dreadful. My “milk duds” were out of control and I had a hard time concealing my C-section scar and new mom pooch. During the process I would peep with one eye open and assess the damage. Crying was almost in short order and I was quickly running out of options. I thought the monokinis would be a good compromise but it was quite humorous. I had “baggage” coming out of all those damn openings.

A little knock from the sales lady came as my unknown salvation. She had a new style that just arrived. She told me that the new style this season ladies is high waisted bikinis. Celebs of all sizes including Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and Kim Kardashian were sporting this retro style. The sales lady said that she had just received the shipment and most of the available bottoms were already being reserved for customers. It was love at first sight with its ruching and touch of sexy sass. To complete the look the sales lady brought me a under-wired triangle top that brought the girls up up up! Things were sucked in, covered up and lifted up!

I recommend this style to all you new moms out there. The suit style is complimentary on various body types, conceals those problem areas in a post-baby body, but has a trendy, sexy edge to it. In conclusion, I am a 20-something new mom and I’m not ready to turn in my bikini just yet. Don’t be afraid ladies. There is a swim suit for you out there that will compliment your new body. This body is not the body you used to have but it is beautiful. It made a beautiful little human and has the battle scars to show it. So grab a Marg and meet me at the beach you hot momma because you deserve it!



Bikini Bottoms by Gianni Binni

Bilini Top by Kenneth Cole