The long and the Short of it

Oh lord it’s been a hot minute y’all! So much has changed in 4 years including 2 more babies, a big move, 3 jobs later and here we are! A few weeks ago, I was talking to my husband and I said to him, “I think I want to start up my mommy blog again.” Other than be taken aback since its been literally FOUR years, he was all for it. It was all further confirmed when  I was talking to one of my oldest friends this weekend, we were talking about “what do you do for you?”. I started to think about it and thought well, I don’t have any real hobbies except baking and napping lol. My life is mostly working and being a mom and wife. And I thought, I really enjoyed writing this blog and helping other mom’s through humor, mutual respect and humility (and maybe a little wine).

A quick update on our life! We are currently the proud parents of three beautiful boys. Currently I’ve realized anything in our house can be made into a sword, dinosaurs are the bees knees, “don’t touch that” is a phrase that really holds no merit, and the louder the better. I am still a clinical Physical Therapist working full time but hoping to hit that jackpot big any day now ;). My husband is just as wonderful as he was 4 years ago and has taken up the hobby of gourmet cooking and gardening! A hobby my belly and I can really get behind.

It’s funny now I look back at these old posts and think dang this lady used to make her own sensory bottles and bags. This mom would say heck, I’m sure I can find that joker on amazon and prime it now.  On the flip side, that same mom was terrified of going to the commissary in fears that my baby Mason would cry but now I tote all three boogers with me everywhere and they know the harsh reality of a mom’s glare and threats in the Kroger grocery aisle. So much has changed from baby #1 to baby #3 its unbelievable.

So much has changed and four years later I’ve decided that no mom is perfect. I’m almost positive those Instagram mom’s at some point have fed their kids some sort of processed cereal and their kids have picked their boogers and survived to tell the tale. I am now a mom that believes in herself and understand that I will make mistakes daily but also will apologize for it. I have learned it’s okay to accept help and some of the best mommy’s don’t do it alone. I have learned that my husband, as my best friend and partner, is just as capable of parenting and I need to delegate because a tired mommy is a help to no one. Even though I feel it daily, I try to shake the guilt of being a working mom. Its hard coming home to babies you feel you haven’t seen all day but conversely so tired from working all day you feel that you can’t give your whole self to them to start. I can only hope one day they admire how hard their mommy worked trying to make people feel better.

I’m so glad to be back and though many things have changed since my last post four frickin’ years ago, I still believe that mommy’s need bottles too….especially the ones filled with red and white 😉


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