Homemade Sensory Bags and Sensory Bottles

Sorry guys it’s been awhile since my last post. Work, baby, and family have recently taken the entirety of my attention! Most recently things have actually settled down and I’ve had some free time at night to browse (my obsession) Pinterest. I have come across several ideas for making your own sensory toys and I thought I’d give it a go. I sometimes look back and laugh at all the really fun and interesting things that I have pinned and think….there is no way I’m ever going to have time to put together a Mickey Mouse fondant cake or get my hair to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. But recently I did have about 30 minutes to spare and made some really cool sensory bottles for Mason. With the help of my dear, wonderful husband it literally took 30 minutes to put together 4 sensory bags and 3 sensory bottles. And the best part was that it cost about 15 bucks! You might even have a lot of these items just laying around! Here is the shopping list gals and pals:

3 plastic bottles
3 heavy duty freezer bags
Duct tape (they have some really fun designs now!)
Popcorn Kernals or quinoa or rice!
Fuzzy colorful craft balls
Big bottle of baby oil
Food coloring
2 big bottles of CHEAP clear hair gel (ya know that stuff that will turn your hair to rock)
Glitter and/or confetti
Anything colorful to put in sensory bags that is not too sharp that would puncture the bag and possibly educational!
Super Glue

Sensory Bottles


Make sure your bottles are completely clean and dry!

For a glitter bottle: Put glitter and confetti in bottle. Add water to top of bottle. Put a little super glue on inside cap of bottle and screw on cap very tightly! Viola! Easy Peasy!
For sound bottle: Place popcorn/rice/quinoa in bottle and add color fuzz balls and toothpicks! Dab Superglue on inside of cap prior to screwing on cap! Babies like to make lots of noise so test your bottle out while you’re making them! Preferably not at nap time haha!
-To make colored rice: Place rice in shallow pan add 1 tsp of vinegar and several drops of food dye. Mix rice mixture and lay rice flat on pan. Allow to air dry for about 30 minutes.

Sensory Bags

Lava oil bags:
Pour 1/2 of baby oil bottle contents into zip lock bag. Add several 5-10 drops of food dye in bag. Slowly add water to bag. As you add water mix contents with your hand on outside of bag. Once water “blobs” are desired size stop adding water. It does not take a lot of water so be careful!

Gel “Squish” bags: Add entire contents of gel container in zip lock bag. Add colorful objects like animals, number blocks, and alphabet beads to bag. Zip up bag and you’re done!

I would HIGHLY suggest reinforcing all side of your sensory bags with duct tape. The most difficult part of this whole thing was duct taping the bags. This is where my lovely husband stepped in. Also a side note on the oil bags. Get a really heavy duty zip lock bag. The oil seeped OUT of my porous bags and got all over my comforter so I ended up throwing those out.
As always always supervise your children when playing with sensory bags/bottles and any toy. Mason has a tendency to put the bags in his mouth and I have to stop him. But mostly he likes to sit on the bags and shake the bottles! Have fun ya’ll!!