If I were stranded on a deserted island with my baby and I could only bring 10 items they would be…..


1) Rocker and ottoman
My husband and I initially said that we were not going to spend the extra money on a glider. I mean would it really make a difference? Yes…it makes a huge difference at 3 o’clock in the morning when your little one is screaming for apparently no reason and your nerves are about as fried as Colonel Sanders Friday night fried chicken bucket. We decided to splurge and get a matching ottoman as well and I’d say its well worth the dough people. There is just something soothing to that gentle rocking motion and babies dig it

2) Gripe water
We didn’t come across this miracle liquid until Mason was about 3 months old. Gripe water is natural liquid mixture of ginger root and fennel root extract. You can add it to formula or breast milk and it is supposed to help with colic, gas, and hiccups. It comes with its own little syringe and doses are anywhere from 3-5 mL depending on your baby’s size. We add to it our little boy’s night bottle and when he is cranky and it seems to help when he’s a grump. There might be some sort of placebo affect but if it works, it works.

3) Baby Borjn
Strap him in and let’s go. Grocery shopping by yourself with a car seat and all your other baby paraphernalia is a tricky task. Once you have baby, car seat, diaper bag, and purse in cart you shortly run out of room for any groceries. I used to put Mason’s car seat on the top rack of the cart but a fireman stopped me and told me that doing so can damage the locking mechanism for attachment to the base. The next time, I brought my baby carrier and it was a breeze shopping compared to luging that damn car seat everywhere. Also, Mason seems to like being able to be close to me and looking at all the commotion of the grocery store.

4) Motorized Swing
We borrowed a swing from a friend because we had gotten a hand-me-down swing that broke shortly after Mason was born. We again doubted the usefulness of such a product. Boy were we wrong. Mason L-O-V-E-D his swing. If he was cranky a few swings back and forth and this kid was in heaven. One night the batteries died to the swing and Mason was being especially indignant. My husband sat for three hours pushing it with his foot. Oh the things you will do to pacify a crying baby…

5) Soothie pacifiers
Mason would not take to any pacifiers other than the Soothie brand pacifier. Babies find that sucking is soothing and pacifiers have been found to reduce the risk of SIDS. Mason found it especially difficult to self soothe on his own especially when he was a newborn. We do not use it as a sleep aid but on those occasions that he can not calm himself it really does help. The most difficult part of pacifiers is remembering where you put it down last. Pacifiers are always easily accessible and present until that moment your child is about to break the sound barrier with deafening screams. On a side note, our lab, Bailey, is also a big fan of chewing on Mason’s pacifiers as well.

6) Sound Machine
I’m sleepy just thinking about the gentle swooshing of Mason’s sounds machine. Mason is a big fan of the white noise and tends to get close to his sound machine as the night goes on. We do keep the volume pretty low because we read an article saying that sound machine may have contributed to hearing issues in infants. Take home message: Don’t blare your sound machine like your front row at a Bon Jovi concert

7) Rock ‘n’ Play Bassinet
Mason slept in this bassinet next to our bed for about 6 weeks. It was nice when he was a newborn because the head was elevated for reflux issues. Mason liked the snugness of it and I liked that it was portable and that it rocked. Mason would often times fall sleep in it and I would drag it throughout the house to wherever I would pass out. If he woke up I would through an arm over the side of our bed and rock and pat him back to sleep. Also, being a new mom I was very nervous about my little one sleeping in that big ol’ crib by himself. At about 6 weeks he was too long for the bassinet and we switched him to the crib with no problem.

8) Those damn snaps
If I could do it all over again I would specifically ask for zip up only PJs for Mason. I can not tell you how difficulty it is to correctly snap up Pjs in the middle of the night, in the dark, on a squirming baby when you are half asleep. Next baby (dare I say the words) zip up only people.

9) Swaddle Me swaddlers
Mason had these demonic moments every now and then where his face would turn completely red and he would be so angry he let out the dreaded “silent cry”. If any of you know about this cry it is the precursor to something much much worse. At this point for one reason or another, Mason would be almost inconsolable usually due to gas the poor baby (this was prior to the gripe water discovery). It is difficult to get a swaddle blanket around a child who is in the throws of anger. These swaddlers are wonderful. You put their feet in and basically strap them in and they are snug as a bug and you can pat and shoosh and rock until all is at peace with the world. My one contingency is to stop use when they can roll because since they can not move their arms and if they roll on their face they can suffocate. Also, (now this is the physical therapist coming out in me) do not keep your baby in it all times because I would think that it would keep them from discovering and performing those gross motor movements they need to learn to reach and kick and all that fun stuff. Okay, exiting soap box….now….

10) Refreshments please?
Coffee…..Dear baby Jesus thank you for this wonder drink that keeps me from turning into a zombie from night of the living dead after being up all night nursing this child every 2 hours. I don’t understand it when people tell me that they don’t drink coffee. That’s like me saying I don’t breath air. It’s a necessity for me and this exhausted momma needs her bean juice.
And then of course by the end of the week Momma needs her bottle too. After Mason is down for the night I grab a glass, uncork that bottle, and enjoy a glass of vino(or two) before bed.

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